6 Mar

“Weight loss” is a huge part of my life, which I feel like you, as a reader of my blog already knows and so i want to ask your opinion …

I am thinking about staring a blog dedicated to the end of my weight loss journey and the whole enduring to the end part of it. I have 10lbs to go .. well today it is 13LBS to go but I am rounding …. after those LBS I will have lost 100 LBS .. I am SO ready to get there but motivation is slim after doing it for almost 2 years … I need some special type of motivation … and the thought came to me … a new blog … a blog where i tell you my weight every.single.morning. recipes, tips, rants .. oh lots of rants … inspiration, photos .. well maybe photos, fun exercises, the works … I am not the best blogger but maybe with your encouragement a new blog could be the motivation I need to desperately …

What do YOU think??


One Response to “IKEW: A NEW BLOG?”

  1. Val April 14, 2012 at 4:39 pm #

    Hey! Stop slacking and blog already!! haha

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